Trieste: second local exhibition of LOCATIONS

The 5 measures planned for Trieste presented at Stazione Marittima

The second local exhibition in Trieste took place at the C.r.a.l. exhibition room at the Maritime Station located on the waterfront of the city and surrounded by the sea on three sides just a few meters from the main square, Piazza Unità d’Italia.

The purpose of the exhibition was to provide visitors with an insight into the concrete plan that the Port of Trieste proposed to the city of Trieste to create new solutions for cruise passengers in terms of mobility through the city centre and its surrounding areas.

Visitors, especially citizens and cruise passengers, had the opportunity to discover the methodology of the project along with its main local outcomes.

The 5 measures included the local low-carbon transport plan were also presented through the local video  showing how measures were thought in an easy and interactive way.

The next exhibition will take place in Autumn 2019, so stay tuned!