Trieste first local exhibition has ended

Wide participitations of tourists and citizenship at the Central Railway Station of Trieste

The first local exhibition of the LOCATIONS project, held at the "Trieste City of Knowledge" exhibition area at the Trieste Central Railway Station, has witnessed a wide participation of citizens and tourists interested in exploring the main actions envisaged in the Low Carbon Plan of the city of Trieste.

The new low carbon transport solutions are welcomed by visitors and considered as the first step to make the city more tailored to people’s needs.

The exhibition and the LOCATIONS video well explained to visitors how the project has been thought and implemented during these months, showing the transnational approach of the project.

Participants have also shown their interest in getting more information on the CIVITAS PORTIS project and on the actions for citizens and cruise passengers that will impact local mobility patterns, as evidence of the increased awareness on the need of a new sustainable mobility.

New exhibitions are planned in autumn. Stay tuned.