Rijeka: new video rendering on local LCTP released

Discover the mobility solutions planned by LOCATIONS to easy cruise passengers' flows in Rijeka

Recently, Rijeka is recording a growing number of visitors, and in the past few years tourists arriving by cruises have a notable role.

Relevant indicators point that an increasing number of cruise ships will arrive in Rijeka in upcoming years. Furthermore, the city is designated as the European Capital of Culture for 2020, which will positively affect its international visibility and help attract new guests.

The cruise traffic brings about a considerable economic impact. On the other hand, incoming cruisers generate traffic congestion in the city center which causes environmental challenges and decreases the attractiveness of Rijeka as a tourist destination.

LOCATIONS project was initiated in order to deal with problems of this sort, and partners from Rijeka - Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner and  Port of Rijeka Authority - recognized the opportunity and joined this international initiative.

As a result, these institutions designed a Low Carbon Transport Plan for Rijeka territory: a strategic document with several measures addressing main issues generated by cruise traffic in Rijeka.

This video, produced in 2018, demonstrates the aforementioned efforts.

Watch the video!