Trieste City of Knowledge hosts Locations first local exhibitions in Trieste

From Tuesday 29th May to Thursday 7th June come visit us at Trieste Central Railway Station

The Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea organizes a local event to disseminate the project activities of Locations.

The purpose is to present to the citizens and to the cruisers the contents developped in the plan of sustainable mobility for cruise passengers of the city of Trieste: the identified measures will be included in the broader framework of urban plans on sustainable mobility implemented by the Municipality of Trieste as part of the CIVITAS PORTIS project, co-financed by the H2020 Program.

Those interested in getting more information on the project activities can visit to the "Trieste Città della Conoscenza - Trieste City of Knowledge" exhibition area at the Trieste Central Railway Station, from Tuesday 29 May to Thursday 7 June.

As a result of the recent increase in cruise traffic in the city of Trieste, chosen in recent years by the major cruise lines not only as a transit port but also as a port of origin, local authorities must rethink the models of city mobility with the objective of offering tourists alternative solutions that create less environmental impact and traffic congestion, especially in the area of the city shores.

The main solutions identified at local level through the low carbon mobility plan will be made available to citizens and cruise passengers through the SUMP - Sustainable Mobility Urban Plans with the ultimate goal of creating more livable and sustainable port cities and improving thus the quality of life of inhabitants and passengers.

Venue: Trieste City of Knowledge