Market survey notice: expression of interest for the replication of the LOCATIONS project’s methodology in Cyprus

Deadline on October 5th, 10 AM.



Area Science Park is currently looking for a replicating organization, willing to replicate the LOCATIONS project’s methodology and approach in Cyprus.

The requirements of the call are as follows: 

1. Identify and formally involve a Cypriot local authority of a cruise destination city in which the LOCATIONS project model and approach will be tested; 

2. Participate, together with the Cypriot local authority as per point 1., in the LOCATIONS network; 

3. Participate in the capacity building event to take place in Lisbon in conjunction with the 5th project meeting, planned for 18-19 October 2018. The two-day event shall see the participation of one representative of the bidder;

4. Support to the identified Cypriot local authority in the drawing-up of the local LCTP (Low Carbon Transport Plan ) using the LOCATIONS approach. 

5. Participate in the video conference planned to take place during the 6th project meeting in May 2019, during which the bidder shall present a draft LCTP and provide project partners with a summary document in English. 

6. Deliver the final version of the LCTP, both in Greek (complete version) and in English (summary following the template provided by the project).

If you are interested, please send us your Expression of Interest, before October 5th.  

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