Málaga Low Carbon Transport Plan: watch the video and discover the measures

In 2017, Málaga city received 300 stopovers, which supposed 510,000 passengers. Among them, the vast majority decided to visit the capital city of Costa del Sol.

In recent years, cruise tourism has experienced a great growth, which has generated significant economic development, status and preponderance for the cities and ports of destination.

However, how does the sudden landing of thousands of cruise passengers in the city centre affect, in terms of mobility, impact on the local economy or emissions of pollutants?

These are challenges that we can and should turn into great opportunities by applying modular improvement measures, which favour the conservation of the environment and responsible tourism.

"The port of Málaga has a great activity in terms of cruise ships. We are the second most important port of the Peninsula in cruises and we are growing steadily in these years.

We have decided to join LOCATIONS project with the purpose of improve the mobility of cruise passengers when they reach our port so they can have the opportunity to enjoy our city.", states Paulino Plata, Málaga Port President.


CIRCE Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption with the participation of Málagaport and the support of OMAU, has elaborated a video with the aim to explain the project goals, and specially, the advantages for the city of Málaga in dealing with the growing cruise tourism in the area.

Málaga LCTP intends to turn these challenges into great opportunities by applying modular measures, revolving around three axis:  sustainable mobility, boost local economy and reduction of pollutants. 

Watch the video!