Locations offers 1 Research Grant of 21 months on Urban Planning

The call is open to graduates in Engineering or Architecture with excellent knowledge of Italian and good knowledge of English. Deadline: December, 13th.

Locations project publishes a selection for 1 Research Grant (duration: 21 months), devoted to graduates in Engineering or Architecture, with excellent knowledge of Italian good knowledge of English.

Aim: conducting research activities within the Locations project, particularly on urban planning and harmonization with other municipal and regional planning tools.

The Assigner, under the supervision of the Research Manager and project partner's Experts, and in coordination with AREA Science Park staff, will be engaged in the following research activities:

• analysis of passenger flows of cruise ships and impact on urban mobility generated by them;

• identifying possible actions to promote sustainable mobility on the basis of a best practice benchmark at international level;

• integration of the actions identified within the PUMS and the citizen's PAEs, in line with the European reference guidelines, by elaborating methodologies for harmonizing these plans and coordinating them with the regional mobility plans;

• dissemination of the results of the abovementioned studies in Italy and abroad.

Venue of work: Trieste, Italy.

The activity requires trips to Italy and abroad.

For more information and details about the requirements (available in Italian), please visit AREA Science Park website.