LOCATIONS @ICD - Italian Cruise Day 2018

More than 200 participants joined the event in Trieste on October 19th and had the chance to be informed about project results

Cruise tourism has significantly grown in the last few years at international as well as at national level reaching a total amount of 11 million of tourists that visited the most important Italian destinations in 2018; it is attested that this number will grow in 2019 with almost 12 million of cruisers.

The Interreg MED LOCATIONS project was included in the framework of the Italian Cruise Day 2018, organized by Risposte Turismo in partnership with Trieste Terminal Passeggeri as part of the projects that are encompassed in a wider regional strategy with the aim to give a concrete answer to the recent challenge to accommodate the increasing flow of cruisers within our region.

LOCATIONS was mentioned by Maurizio Bucci, Councillor for Tourism of the Municipality of Trieste who highlighted the importance of local actions to make this new type of business more sustainable for tourists and citizens.

More than 200 participants joined the event and had the chance to be informed about project results: brochures and dissemination materials concerning local measures included in the Low Carbon Transport Plan for the city of Trieste were made available to participants and some of these actions are going to be capitalized through the SUMP implemented by the Municipality of Trieste.

Four round tables during the event allowed participants to have some insights from experts of the sector: in the first round table ship-owners and cruise terminals representatives faced the topic of the Italian cruise sector presenting the state of the art and its future scenarios and bringing the attention to investments and opportunities deriving from its growth.

During the second half of the event, the second round table involved tour operators and travel agents who focused their discussion on how to sell the product of the cruise industry presenting the expectations of users also considering the new market demand within the sector.

The following round table was carried out with some speakers belonging to the world of services and products providers centring around the cruise industry to investigate the future of this business, the upcoming challenges and needs of the ships and ship-owners as well as to point out the most relevant critical issues to work on with regard to this sector.

Another important topic was discussed during the last session regarding the management of tourist flows, being this a key issue faced by LOCATIONS project. How to deal with this increasing flow taking into account the environmental impact and the impact on mobility? Panellists’ aim was to show how this business, which can be scheduled and organized well in advance is able to provide advantages to the local territory which can benefit from this industry.