Discover the first results of Locations: new video

New video released

In this video you can discover the first results achieved by the LOCATIONS project teams: the 7 cities involved have made plans to promote sustainable mobility, with many concrete technical proposals.

The seven LCTPs have been developed with the involvement of the local stakeholders and they envisage concrete actions to improve the quality of life of the people and mitigate the impact on the local environment and global climate.

Out of these plans 14 modular packages have been devised. These modular packages are a sort of Lego bricks that each city can use to manage in a sustainable way the mobility flows generated by the arrival in the port of cruise ships passengers.

Examples of modular packages includes: infomobility apps, bike and e-bike sharing, bus management systems etc.

Now LOCATIONS is working on capitalizing these results and the lessons learnt by replicating the LCTPS in further 14 cities willing to boost cruise tourism and preserve the environment for future generations.

Watch the video!