Great success for the first exhibition in Málaga: more than 800 visitors

The exhibit took place in Palmeral de las Sorpresas in the Port of Málaga

Huge success for the first local exhibition in Málaga: in 9 days more than 800 visitors – a mix of citizens, Spanish visitors from other cities and foreign visitors- decided to discover what results Locations is achieving for this wonderful Spanish city.

The exhibit took place in Palmeral de las Sorpresas in the Port of Málaga: a nice leisure area, with a very popular promenade in the new waterfront and views to the Málaga Park.

The exhibition was conceived in an easy-to-understand and interactive way, providing explanations about:

  • cruise traffic in the world and in Málaga, with figures and expected evolution
  • LOCATIONS project itself
  • the main 5 LOCATIONS measures proposed for the city of Málaga explained in an easy and funny  way

The use of electric personal transporters was accompanied by a real segway, rentable at the Port.

Screens showing an explanation of the Low Carbon Transport Plan with technical solutions planned, details of the measures, 3D models, maps and aerial views helped understand the benefits of LOCATIONS’ implementation.

All information was available in Spanish and English.

The exhibit has been organized by Málagaport, with the support of Town Hall (OMAU) and CIRCE-Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption.