EU Funds Days event in Rijeka: public presentation of LOCATIONS

Project LOCATIONS was successfully presented in the heart of the main pedestrian zone in Rijeka.

On June 29th, 2019 the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds organized the annual EU Funds Days event in Rijeka.

This initiative takes place in various Croatian cities with a unified purpose: to promote the implementation of ongoing projects co-funded by the EU funds in order to make such efforts noticeable. The event was organized in Rijeka for the fourth time in a row, and it was held in the middle of the main pedestrian zone. 

The Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner was given a place on a stand where promotional materials and materials which had been produced for local exhibitions were displayed.

It was a rare opportunity to discuss the project with citizens one-on-one. Therefore, it was possible to present the vision of the city as a sustainable cruise destination which was defined within the LOCATIONS initiative, as well as the measures which are envisaged by the local Low Carbon Transport Plan.