Urban Transports Community: "Better Ways to Move, Better Places to Live"

Breakfast debate on "Improving tourist mobility in Mediterranean cities".

Venue: Hotel Léopold, Brussels

The breakfast debate is organised by EUROCITIES and UNIMED in the framework of GO SUMP, the horizontal project co-financed by the Interreg Med programme. The purpose is to present and discuss the measures and strategies developed and tested within the Interreg Med Urban Transport Community to tackle the growing impact of tourist mobility on Mediterranean cities. Apart from raising awareness on the topic, the debate will also be an opportunity to explore how these approaches could be linked to initiatives at EU level (e.g. SUMP 2.0, CIVITAS, Smart Cities and Communities European innovation Partnership), to identify opportunities for future exploitation and to gather feedback from stakeholders within and outside the Interreg Med community. As all represented projects have a shared focus on improving local mobility planning strategies, the discussion will mainly explore synergies with the wider concept of SUMPs and the involvement of citizens and stakeholders. Considering the broad range of sustainable transport measures that have been designed and tested by the different projects, also links with other transport policy developments at European and regional level will be addressed, covering thematic areas such as active travel, shared mobility, alternative fuels and vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems. Venue: Hotel Léopold, Rue Luxembourg 33, 1000 Brussels, Salon les Anges