LOCATIONS@ Citizens Leading the Energy & Climate Transition conference and Federane General Assembly

Federane is a European network of regional and local organizations which implement, co-ordinate and facilitate sustainable energy and environment policies.

Up to 50 representatives will travel from all over Europe for the General Assembly of Federane on September 11, followed by the Citizens Leading the Energy & Climate Transition Conference, which will take place in Clonmel (Ireland).

An appropriate local & regional response to the cause and effect of climate change is a key challenge of our time. This conference will seek to develop capacity and knowledge of key local actors while addressing how effective collaboration and partnership can facilitate a successful transition.

LOCATIONS partner Darko Jardas from REAK - Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner will attend these events: he will be given the opportunity to present the results of the LOCATIONS project to attendees within the framework of the “Networking Pub”, part of the programme.

An excellent opportunity to present and disseminate the project methodology and the achievements LOCATIONS has made so far.