European Mobility Week 2018: culture, experiences and perspectives for an integrated and sustainable development between sea and city

How do changes in urban structures affect the lives of citizens? How do cities move to implement alternative mobility solutions? Some experiences compared regarding the situation in Trieste - Italy

With the recent acquisition of Porto Vecchio, an original area close to the railway station and the city center, Trieste has completely changed its structure; this change requires the city to design new urban mobility solutions integrated with the city in a sustainable perspective.

Furthermore, in recent years the Port of Trieste has become a destination for increasing cruise flows by the main companies that choose Trieste not only as a transit port but also as a port of origin.

All these changes force local authorities to rethink mobility on the territory and implement new services of alternative mobility options to reduce environmental impact.

On Wednesday 19 September 2018, urban mobility experts will illustrate, during the meeting "Culture, experiences and perspectives for integrated and sustainable development between sea and city", facts, cases and future opportunities of integration between ports and cities in mobility plans.

The meeting is organized by the Municipality of Trieste, Port Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea and Area Science Park in collaboration with the Professional Associations of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Industrial Experts, and is organized in the framework of the European Mobility Week 2018 and, in particular, it is part of the European projects CIVITAS PORTIS and LOCATIONS.

Admission is by appointment for members of professional orders; free admission for the public until all available seats are available.

WHEN: 19 September 2018, 1:45 pm - 6:00 pm

WHERE: Centrale Idrodinamica, Porto Vecchio, Trieste - Italy