LOCATIONS unveils its solutions in Málaga. The results of the three-year Interreg MED LOCATIONS project were presented: dedicated plans, technical measures and educational webinars to improve the...

Save the date for Locations final event in Málaga (Spain) on 19th September 2019.

The Community will meet in Málaga (17- 18 September 2019), before LOCATIONS final event

Local stakeholders welcomed the preliminary results of the LOCATIONS project in Cádiz

Project LOCATIONS was successfully presented in the heart of the main pedestrian zone in Rijeka.

The project will compete in Category 4 – “Building climate-resilient cities". Support LOCATIONS for the public's choice award, giving it your Like.

LOCATIONS was sucessfully presented during one of the biggest Adriatic regattas

A public presentation of the measures proposed by the Low-Carbon Transport Plan (LCTP) was made at the Rijeka breakwater, from April 30th to May 6th 2019.

Discover the mobility solutions planned by LOCATIONS to easy cruise passengers' flows in Rijeka

Next goal fixed: reaching further 5 new cities